Walker signs off on removing minimum hunting age in Wisconsin

NATION-NOW     Sexist? Pink flops as clothing color for deer hunters     
       Sexist? Deer hunters spurn pink apparel

NATION-NOW Sexist? Pink flops as clothing color for deer hunters Sexist? Deer hunters spurn pink apparel

Four bills relating to hunting, regarding minimum hunting age, woodchucks, turkey and pheasant hunting and using a youth antlerless carcass tag, were signed into law by Governor Scott Walker on November 13. It also allows both mentor and mentee to carry a device, eliminating the previous limitation of having one gun between mentor and mentee. This bill re-establishes the 2015 Act 100 prohibition for adults from harvesting antlerless deer using a youth antlerless carcass tag under group hunting allowances. Thirty-four other states have no minimum hunting age. And the final bill provides that if DNR determines, based on harvest registration data for an animal in a specific area of the state, that it is likely that more than the quota set for that animal for the open season will be taken in that area, DNR may close the season for that animal in that area, notwithstanding the uniform season end date created in the bill.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is also testing for Chronic Wasting Disease in nearby counties. The third policy extends the fall turkey, gray partridge and pheasant hunting and trapping seasons. The bill becomes effective February 1, 2018, or the day after publication of the bill, whichever is later.

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Finally, Bill 225 authorizes metro bow/crossbow hunting from the Monday closest to January 6 through January 31, as was strongly supported by the most recent Wisconsin Conservation Congress.

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