Vikings don't want Panthers' Greg Olsen calling Rams game

Vikings don't want Panthers' Greg Olsen calling Rams game

Vikings don't want Panthers' Greg Olsen calling Rams game

Here is your "tempest in a teapot" Vikings controversy for the week: Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, who has been on injured reserve since early in the season after breaking his right foot, will serve as a TV analyst for Fox during its broadcast of the Vikings' showdown with the 7-2 Rams on Sunday.

The Vikings' request to have Olsen work a different game Week 11 - the Panthers have their bye this week - was declined, per Pelissero. Olsen, now on injured reserve due to a foot injury, could play a large role in a potentially crucial NFC matchup between the Vikings and Panthers on December 10.

According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said he spoke with the NFL and Fox to suggest Olsen calling the game is inappropriate since the Panthers will face the Vikings on December 10. Minnesota fears that Olsen could gain a competitive advantage, but he won't be in production meetings or at Vikings practices as members of broadcast teams commonly are.

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"We are excited for the opportunity to make this Sunday's broadcast fun and insightful with Pro Bowler Greg Olsen", FOX said in a statement to Pelissero. We fully respect the Vikings' concerns and will limit the amount of pre-game access allowed to Greg.

Although it is unusual for an active National Football League player to broadcast a game, this would not be the first time it has happened.

"I don't know how much inside info they're going to give me", Olsen said, per the Panthers' official site.

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