See David Letterman, Kim Kardashian Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel

The Terrific Ten Jimmy Kimmel

The Terrific Ten Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel's 50th birthday celebration also included a special version of Mean Tweets that only included comments from fans criticizing the comedian as read by celebrities that included Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, David Letterman, Michael Keaton, Chris Hemsworth, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert, Kristin Bell and many more.

A raging Twitter spat between the pair soon followed, which resulted in Kanye later deleting his tweets.

Affleck, who was on hand to promote his latest turn as Batman in Justice League on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Howard Stern said as he rolled his eyes. "Jimmy Kimmel you still look like a potato".

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Kimmel and West had engaged in a Twitter fight after the late-night host mocked a rambling interview West gave to the BBC. Also amusing was when Chris Hemsworth mixed up the name of the Greek god "Hephaestus" with "hepatitis". Some of the choices were especially clever, like picking Kim Kardashian West to read a mean tweet written by her own husband, Kanye West, and David Letterman reading a 140-character burn that manages to insult not just Kimmel, but himself as well.

"Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes..."

"Fair point", she said.

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