Panthers' Funchess finds end zone, delivers on promise to fallen soldier's family

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Devin Funchess had a huge impact on Monday night's game. He honored that promise with his first touchdown of the night in the Panthers' Monday Night Football win over the Dolphins. The gesture was in honor of Dillon Baldridge, the 22-year-old Youngsville soldier who was one of three soldiers killed during an attack in Afghanistan in June.

"I'm two months older than (Baldridge)", Funchess said in his postgame interview.

"He was a top-notch shooter". Funchess said. "His mom said he was the most joyful boy you'd ever meet".

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Funchess, who wore the initials "D.B." on his helmet, promised Baldridge's mother after practice on Sunday that he'd find a way into the end zone. It was an honor meeting her.

Funchess saluted the crowd after he scored. He made sure that Baldridge's mother got the touchdown ball as a memento.

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