Now, Kapil Sharma ghosts Akshay Kumar

039;Firangi' Kapil Sharma visits Guru Nanak Darbar in Dubai—Pics

039;Firangi' Kapil Sharma visits Guru Nanak Darbar in Dubai—Pics

Kapil Sharma, who was to shoot for The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 5 yesterday, didn't turn up on the sets, at all.

We wish Kapil a speedy recovery and hope he returns for the promotions of his movie Firangi. The source said that the team kept calling Kapil Sharma to ask about his arrival.

"Akshay even graciously said that if Kapil is late, they will shoot some other bits and when the comedian comes he can join them". The commencement time was 11 am but he didn't arrive even by 3 pm. "Finally, he just cancelled it".

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Kapil Sharma has promoting his upcoming film "Firangi" at various TV shows, and after Bigg Boss he was supposed to shoot for Akshay Kumar The Great Indian Laughter Challenge but due to health issue, Kapil cancelled the shoot at the last moment. He was going to share his experiences with the contestants of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Subsequently, the show's team had no choice but to make last-minute changes in the script due to Kapil's absence and cancel his integration. Eli-Avram would have been a co-hosting with him. Earlier, he had committed and backed out from Super Dancer 2, and later shot for it. However, now that the release of his film Firangi is around the corner, the actor-comedian has been busy promoting the film on various platforms but it seems that his old habits have not left him till date. Kapil said to Mid Day, "Sunil and I haven't met in a long time, but we chat over messages". After coming out of the house, he shared his experience meeting Arshi Khan.

Set during the British colonial rule in India, the flick revolves around Kapil's character Monga, who, unlike his villagers, believes the British Raj is of no harm.

The movie 'Firangi' is all set to release on November 10, 2017.

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