Messenger Day nixed as Facebook pushes Stories feature

"For a lot of people, the most meaningful things that they do on Facebook on a daily basis are [centered] around a group they're in or an event they're attending or maybe even a page that they manage or follow".

The changes to Facebook Stories comes at a critical point for the company: Snapchat is expected to unveil a major overhaul of its app sometime soon to make the design a lot less confusing, and there's a decent chance of Snap succeeding at bringing its dying chatting app back to life.

Users can contribute to a Story for an event like a wedding and this will be open to the rest of the group.

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Facebook is integrating its Stories feature on Messenger and Facebook.

Support for Facebook Stories in Groups and Events means that users can contribute relevant content in the form of videos and images, with the Story being moderated by the Group/Event administrators. How many people are now using Facebook Stories and the cross-posting feature isn't clear; it is clear, though, that many Facebook users aren't interested in Stories given how infrequently they show up (brands aside). The fused experience is now simply called "Stories", and any photo, video or slideshow you upload appear both on Facebook itself and the Messenger app. The company has removed the redundant direct message feature from Facebook Story as well.

Additionally, Facebook has added the ability for members of a group or event page on its network to post to a collaborative Story that's visible to everyone in the group (Snapchat announced a similar feature months ago). Now, Facebook Stories will be synced across both platforms, although camera filters will still remain separate. The feature was copied from Instagram which had copied Snapchat. Now that Messenger and Facebook Stories are connected, Facebook is hoping the feature will cause less confusion around when people should post in the different apps.

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