HTC Finally Announces Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset

The objective of Vive Wave was to provide a unified interface and set of tools for developers to provide content for the HTC Vive Focus, as well as other mobile virtual reality (VR) devices.

HTC is striving to prevent this scenario by offering a unified solution that supports a wide range of hardware. One such example is a VR game called Spark of Light which, according to its developer, only took three hours to port the original Vive version to Vive Wave.

The VR headset is also optimized by Vive Wave VR open platform where developers can add VR-ready content.

"In the past, standalones have always kind of represented a mediocre balance, where you don't have much content and you can only do rotational, and it's not that much different than Cardboard except now you have one individual machine", HTC Vive's China President Alvin Wang Graylin told Engadget. Unlike some other standalone VR headsets, you don't need your phone. By eliminating both the PC and the phone requirements, users aren't dependent on any other device for their VR experiences.

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During the summer, HTC revealed some details about its cable-free VR headset. The HTC Vive Focus is a first for the VR industry; being able to operate without any external hardware, while still able to maintain "world-scale" tracking. Today, the company announced that the headset would be known as the Vive Focus.

Powering the Vive Focus is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which has been tweaked to support the instant on feature. Everything is contained within the headset that offers 6-degree-of-freedom.

HTC didn't reveal many new details about the device, but the company confirmed that it would feature a low-latency, high-resolution AMOLED screen. The company said that it handed out 500 priority vouchers to developers who were present at VDC 2017. It's basically Google Daydream, but changed enough to be allowed into China. HTC is also accepting applications for Vive Wave developer kits through the Chinese Vive developer hub.

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