House of Cards is still alive at Netflix without Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey made'House of Cards toxic workplace coworkers

Kevin Spacey made'House of Cards toxic workplace coworkers

The showrunners have final say on the direction and pacing of the season and episodes. Removing Kevin Spacey ultimately removed eight months of script work for the show, and the writers will now have to come up with a way to continue the series without Spacey in tow.

As for "House of Cards", CNN Money reports that the verdict about the show's fate will be revealed to the cast and crew by Netflix and MRC on Thanksgiving. Even if the show finds a way to make it happen, the final decision on whether or not to go with the new plan rests on the shoulders of Netflix and its producer Media Rights Capital.

In the meantime, House Of Cards now has over 2,000 members of the cast and crew waiting to hear the final verdict.

Unfortunately, the cast and crew are now left with a limited amount of time to figure something out due to their contractual obligations to work on other shows.

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The streaming giant announced that Season 6 would be the last for "House of Cards" when it stopped the production in the wake of Anthony Rapp's accusations.

As far as whether or not the House Of Cards showrunners are now scrapping the entire Season 6 plans for a full rewrite or weighing other options is unknown at this time.

It seems House of Cards isn't dead over at Netflix just yet - according to CNN, showrunners Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who took over from Beau Willimon for season 5, are "racing against the clock" to rework the show's conclusion without Spacey.

Spacey was sacked from the series and the production for season 6 was promptly suspended after a string of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against the actor emerged. In the television world specifically, George Takei and co-creator of The Flash Andrew Kreisberg are the latest to have complaints lodged against them.

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