GameStop PowerPass, Unlimited Used Games Program, Temporarily Suspended

GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program

GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program

The company hasn't offered an explanation as to why its chose to halt the program, instead citing "program limitations" that necessitated the abrupt stop. "W$3 e will allow [guests] to bring the pass, and video game they have checked-out, back to receive a full refund". At the end of each 6-month subscription, you get to choose one used game to keep as your own.

In a statement provided to GameSpot, the retailer said it made a decision to "temporarily pause" the launch of the subscription service due to "a few program limitations" that GameStop discovered.

That means any in-store advertisements for PowerPass have been removed and put in storage until further notice.

Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now. According to multiple employees and a spokesperson for GameStop, the heavily anticipated service has hit several snags ahead of its launch, and will now be suspended indefinitely.

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For now, buying games at GameStop requires old-fashioned monetary exchange.

Kotaku is reporting that GameStop is "temporarily pausing" the PowerPass program. Why? The company has yet to say if or when the PowerPass program will return in the future.

The program went through a soft launch in some locations earlier this month, with its full rollout to follow later. The PowerPass program was just way too advanced for them to handle, giving retail employees serious issues. Additionally, GameStop is letting PowerPass subscribers pick up any pre-owned game for free, which is a pretty solid move on the store's part to make up for it.

Keep an eye out as GameStop provides more information about PowerPass, and possible changes to the program.

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