Boston Dynamics unveiles new 'robot dog'

Boston Dynamics unveiles new 'robot dog'

Boston Dynamics unveiles new 'robot dog'

Technology giant Softbank bought Boston Dynamics from Google's parent company Alphabet for an undisclosed sum back in June. Now, the company has put up a new teaser video of their upcoming model on YouTube.

While under Alphabet, SpotMini was shown off in 2016 capable of grabbing things with a robotic arm where its head should have been, created to navigate within the tight confines of a home and to shimmy under tables to (badly) perform domestic chores. The video suggests more information about the new SpotMini will be available soon. In the video, the robot is seen taking a stroll in a park. It comes near the camera, senses its presence, turns its neck, ignores it and then moves on. In what could be considered as terrifying adaptation of living beings, these robots do not look as close to their living counterparts but try and mimic the complicated movements made by human or animal bodies.

OnePlus left a backdoor in its devices with root access
In this app, the developer has found activity known as "DiagEnabled", if enabled with a specific password, grants the root access. The app can diagnose Global Positioning System , check the root status, perform a series of automated tests, and more.

The robotics business had been on sale for more than a year after it failed to meet attempts to fulfil United States military contracts, with the noise of the robots dissuading the Pentagon from splashing out on the kit.

A WildCat that runs like a horse.

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