8% of Australians are watching Netflix in a public toilet

The survey found we would rather cut back on food than give up our Netflix cigarettes or booze

The survey found we would rather cut back on food than give up our Netflix cigarettes or booze

Viewing habits are changing, we all know that.

In new data released by the streaming service, that fact couldn't be more clear with the idea that regardless of where you are, you might not be safe from spoilers.

Our bog binging actually puts us ahead of the global average which is at seven percent, so Aussies are really making their use of our time in the loo.

Indians love watching Netflix on the go, with over 88 percent of subscribers in the country having binge-watched their favourite series outside the comforts of their homes, according to a company-sponsored survey that polled 37,056 people across 22 countries.

Interestingly 34 percent are watching Netflix content on their daily commute to work, 32 percent are watching at a cafe or restaurant and surprisingly 8 percent of Aussies are streaming in a public bathroom.

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Netflix claims India has the second-highest rate of public bingeing, after Mexico at 89 percent.

Because we're now bringing our binges into the public space, it has also changed the way spoilers can pollute our everyday lives.

Of those using Netflix on public transport, 45 per cent reported catching a stranger watching their screen over their shoulder in an apparently shameless attempt to get their TV fix. The worst part of that is one in five feel "show shame" when they do, because they are embarrassed about what they were caught watching!

Meanwhile, the real introverts (9 per cent of Indians) escape to the privacy of a bathroom when they want to binge in public.

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